Tuesday, October 25, 2011


When I started this blog, I had planned to write something every day. However, there just isn't enough going on in my life for that to be a successful dream. So, I'm gonna take a break for now. I'll only write if something significant comes up. The last thing I wanna be is one of those crazy bloggers who writes entire paragraphs about how A is sooo much cooler than B but neither of them come close to C and don't get me started on D etc etc etc. Anyway, until I return, goodbye, and may life treat you well.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Scene Shop

This past friday, I had a few extra hours in my evening and made my way down to the Fine Arts building on campus. The scene shop is open on weekdays from 1 to 5, and they always have people in there working on a show.

Currently, the theatre department is focused on God of Carnage. A brief synopsis: two pairs of parents, one of whose child has hurt the other at a public park, meet to discuss the matter in a civilized manner. However, as the evening goes on, the parents become increasingly childish, resulting in the evening devolving into chaos. It sounds like a rather funny play that I'm excited to see! That, however, is not the topic of this post.

I went into the scene shop, and immediately met two theatre kids (whose names escape me - I'm terrible with names) who were working on two tribal masks that would eventually hang on the walls in the play. The graduate, a male who had the same major as I do, had me take a jigsaw to some foam and carve out teeth for the masks. After I did that, he worked on fine tuning the teeth while I helped the younger girl, who I'd guess is a sophomore or junior, secure one of the masks with glue and a nailgun. The details on the two masks were very ornate, yet ingenious in their simplicity. At about 4:50, we needed to start cleaning up, so everyone (and I mean everyone, not just the few people who wanted to) immediately got to work, sweeping up and cleaning up the shop. We were done in less than ten minutes, despite how spacious and dirty the shop was!

At the end, everyone went over to a board to sign out. I didn't know I needed to sign in, so I went over and asked someone. They asked me if I was in the scene shop for credit for a class or I was paid. I told them I'd come simply to volunteer my help. They were ecstatic! I guess they don't have people coming in "to volunteer" all that often, which puts me in a very small but enjoyed minority. If I do this a lot more (which I plan to), it'll give me great experience along with showing the people who work in the scene shop that I'm dedicated and care about theatre. Heck, maybe in the future, I can work there for pay!

Monday, September 5, 2011


Well, I just finished my first week at the University of South Dakota, and I'm loving it here! Sure, I've got a ton of homework, but it's been good so far, especially my theatre class! And, I have some sweet news, suckish news, a silver lining, and sweeter news:

Sweet: My college is putting on Avenue Q in December! I LOVE that show! If you've never heard of it, please do yourself a favor and click the link. It is a very funny show.

Suckish: Because of the intensity of the show's practices (and I can understand this), the auditions were held before I moved into town. So, unfortunately, I can't be in the show.

Silver Lining: I'll still be able to see the show, which I've always wanted to do. And I can do backstage work for it, too!

Sweeter: I'm not keeping Theatre as my minor... I'm changing it to my major! And I'm planning on getting into prop design, as well as acting, and I'm psyched to do so.

Hope all's going well for you guys. I'll catch you in the future!

P.S. I've been having epiphanies for Breathe. Check back soon for info!

College Bound

As the summer slowly winds down, and I must once again enter my schooling career, I plan to make my way to the University of South Dakota :) what my major will be, I don't know, but I do know I will be minoring in THEATRE :D I'm already signed up for Intro to Theatre, and I'm super excited!

That's all I have to share today. Hopefully as I get into the swing of things in college, I can work more on some of my musical and play ideas. Take care!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Warm Return

Hello, all!

As I'm sure you all (AKA the one person who probably reads this) know, it's been a year since my last post. My apologies; there's just been so much going on. Here's a nice, concise review for you:

- We performed Arsenic and Old Lace, directed by my friend Rachel Plantz, in which I played the drunk surgeon Dr. Herman Einstein.
- We also performed Father of the Bride, and I was lucky enough to secure the title character!
- You remember my close friend Crystal, from my last post? We went to Prom together. and I asked her out less than a week later. Just a week and a half ago, we celebrated our one-year anniversary :) I love that girl.
- School let out, and I wasted a good portion of my summer (Which is a very important thing to do!)
- School got back in, and I got some very challenging courses added for my Senior year. I can't complain much, though, since I signed up for them!
-Our new tech director, Mr. Kaiser, put on the show I Never Saw Another Butterfly as part of his Masters thesis from UNC. It was an amazing performance.
- We performed The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, and I was the "Comfort Counselor" Mitch Mahoney, as well as Logainne's gay father Dan Schwartz and Olive Ostrovsky's father.
- We went to the Thespian Conference in Denver, which was very enjoyable. We saw a performance of Spelling Bee there, and it was different enough that we could compare the things we liked that they'd changed and what we didn't.
- In the Spring, we performed The Sting (yes, like the film). After doing a small-cast play, our director Mrs. Estrada went back to a big one. And I mean huge. I was the Co-Assistant Directer as well as FBI Special Agent Polk. I got to fire a gun! Granted, it was fake, but it was LOUD.
- My girlfriend Crystal and her best friend Lindsay student-directed the play The Education of Angels. Considering the small amount of time we had to get it all together, along with zero budget, we did an amazing job! I played Dave, an obsessive-compulsive guy who's about to get married and gets some help from above.
- In theatre class, Crystal, Lindsay, Jillian (our main costume lady), and I vented our own personal problems about Estrada after we finished a pointless project she had us do (FYI, we don't like her teaching "style" all that much). Some of the comments: she's deceptively hateful, she doesn't really teach us anything about acting, she gets in over her head, she's a self-centered hypocrite, she's never on top of things... the list is infinite. I personally hope that Kaiser replaces her in theatre. His play, Butterfly, also had a short time frame to be put on, and it was phenomenal. He's a great teacher, who knows what the heck he's doing.

Anyhow, that's the review. School's about over, we're just about two weeks from graduation. I'll miss some things from this school; other things, not so much. I'm gonna be going to the University of South Dakota in the fall, and possibly major in theatre :) maybe minor, though, so I can earn a Bachelor's degree that will allow me to get a real job haha. They also have something called the "Student Theatre Cooperative" which is theatre run by students. I definitely planned to get involved in that!

Until next time!